Anticipating for the next chapter

The feeling of the unknown is a constant battle…

I am the type of person that has to always needs to plan; from days, weeks, months and years in advanced! I always knew where I was going in my life until now. I always knew what school I wanted to get in, what program I wanted to study, the part-time jobs I wanted to have but now that I have graduated I have no idea where life is going to take me. I still love to plan out my days but it has been a lot harder…

I can only control the steps I want to take to get there but the outcome will still be unknown.

[Sweater: TNA | Jacket: Winners | Backpack: SixEleven (Aritzia) | Jeans: Guess | Shoes: Converse ]

I’ve always had a job since I was in grade 7, so being jobless now feels extremely weird. However I truly believe that this time in my life has been a blessing of relaxation. I believe that God has given me the time to really focus on my family and self growth. My life has been a constant go go go and now I can actually “walk and stop to smell the flowers” instead of rushing by them.

I feel at peace and extremely hopeful that something good will come my way. I just need to remember to stay positive and productive! 


2 thoughts on “Anticipating for the next chapter

  1. John C says:

    Go home Esther your drunk…

    But seriously this is an awesome blog! =D

    I’ll be visiting by once in a while. Lets meet up in a while!


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