Nervous is the only word that comes to mind when describing my first fashion week experience.

Feeling Famous
I had my 10 seconds of fame when people were capturing photos of me as soon as I walked through the David Peacaut Square. Hearing the camera’s shutter go off super fast and seeing people run to take photos of me was quite thrilling. Thank you to the photographers who captured me so nicely!

[Hover over the photos to find the photographer]

Bringing your Girl 
I have never been to Fashion Week before but when I met Amanda also known as A.QUAH (fashion blogger) on Instagram she highly recommended that we both get media passes together and go to the shows! However due to our busy schedule we could not get the media pass so I only experienced one day out of the week. And ouuuu let me tell you, one day alone was extremely overwhelming but now I know what to expect and how to prepare for the next one. I give a lot of props to people who dedicate their time to fashion week everyday, a lot of preparation and dedication is involved and I realized its a lot of hard work. I am just grateful enough that Amanda was there to guide me through the process and reminded me to keep my cool! Love you < 3


Photo: Walking Canucks

Meeting my Fashion Idols
I’ve been following JetsetJustine, AlexanderKenton and TiffancyC for over a year now and meeting them for the first time was quite the experience! They are all such friendly and lovely people! This photo just says it all!

image5 (1)

Photo: Walking Canucks


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