STORY: THE Hunt for nike roshe

A small people problem case.

My hunt to find Nike Roshe began when I started seeing fashion bloggers following the athleisure trend. The only type of sneakers I had were converse and fall was approaching and I really wanted an everyday pair of runners however at the time I could not make up my mind.

Then it really hit me when I was shopping in Montreal, I noticed that every girl that had walked by me in the mall had Nike Roshe.  So I started to walk into every shoe store you could think of starting from CHAMPS, Foot Locker, Sports Check, The Nike store and the list goes on. Not only  did I go into these stores in the mall at Montreal and Toronto Eaton Centre I also went outside to the store strip and NO LUCK. No one had my size 5 shoes, apparently everything was sold out. I even tried to see if they had kid sizes but even then, nothing. I was beginning to lose hope because this hunt lasted for over a month and I went to visit shoe stores twice a week.


Until one day when the new section of Toronto Eaton Centre opened up, my boyfriend suggested we check out CHAMPS. Once again I asked “Please tell me you have a size 5 in these Nike Roshe.” I waited patiently as they walked back and what I normally expect is coming back to me with no box but this sales associate came back with a box! But when I tried on these runners all black with grey stripes but it looked to big and I didn’t like the colour pattern. So I asked if he had a size 4 in grey with black stripes in the toddlers section not even teen, I asked for toddlers. He went to the back once again and came out with no box. I was literally about to cry until he suggested that they had a size three and I looked at my boyfriend and back at the sales associate and said “PLEASE bring it out! Lets try it.” Both men looked at me and hesitated and my boyfriend didn’t want to cause him trouble and told me to go home. But I had such a strong feeling about this and I made the sales associate go back once again! As I was trying on the shoe they both looked at me and said. Its not going to fit. Then TA DA! My foot slipped into the size 3 youth (women size 5) and both the sales associate and my boyfriend laughed.

Photo: Walking Canucks

Photo: Walking Canucks

Photo: Walking Canucks

Photo: Walking Canucks

Best decision ever when I told the sales associate to go back for me! The struggles were real but never give up! Thank you to that sales associate for being so patient with me!


Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

Raise your hand if you totally forgot this weekend was Halloween? ME.

I like to save money on festive days like Halloween because lets be real, you’re only going to wear the costume for a couple of hours and spending more than $80 to buy one isn’t enough to justify that at all. Remember you’re probably already spending money on cover fee, food or alcohol.

So here’s a styling tip of creating an outfit with pieces of clothings that you may already have! For example dressing up as a cowgirl all you need is plaid, ripped jeans, boots or sneakers and a cowgirl hat. You may need to stop by dollarama to buy the cowgirl hat but if you already have one then that’s cool too!

Here’s a photoshoot to showcase the simplicity of dressing up as a cowgirl


Nervous is the only word that comes to mind when describing my first fashion week experience.

Feeling Famous
I had my 10 seconds of fame when people were capturing photos of me as soon as I walked through the David Peacaut Square. Hearing the camera’s shutter go off super fast and seeing people run to take photos of me was quite thrilling. Thank you to the photographers who captured me so nicely!

[Hover over the photos to find the photographer]

Bringing your Girl 
I have never been to Fashion Week before but when I met Amanda also known as A.QUAH (fashion blogger) on Instagram she highly recommended that we both get media passes together and go to the shows! However due to our busy schedule we could not get the media pass so I only experienced one day out of the week. And ouuuu let me tell you, one day alone was extremely overwhelming but now I know what to expect and how to prepare for the next one. I give a lot of props to people who dedicate their time to fashion week everyday, a lot of preparation and dedication is involved and I realized its a lot of hard work. I am just grateful enough that Amanda was there to guide me through the process and reminded me to keep my cool! Love you < 3


Photo: Walking Canucks

Meeting my Fashion Idols
I’ve been following JetsetJustine, AlexanderKenton and TiffancyC for over a year now and meeting them for the first time was quite the experience! They are all such friendly and lovely people! This photo just says it all!

image5 (1)

Photo: Walking Canucks

Anticipating for the next chapter

The feeling of the unknown is a constant battle…

I am the type of person that has to always needs to plan; from days, weeks, months and years in advanced! I always knew where I was going in my life until now. I always knew what school I wanted to get in, what program I wanted to study, the part-time jobs I wanted to have but now that I have graduated I have no idea where life is going to take me. I still love to plan out my days but it has been a lot harder…

I can only control the steps I want to take to get there but the outcome will still be unknown.

[Sweater: TNA | Jacket: Winners | Backpack: SixEleven (Aritzia) | Jeans: Guess | Shoes: Converse ]

I’ve always had a job since I was in grade 7, so being jobless now feels extremely weird. However I truly believe that this time in my life has been a blessing of relaxation. I believe that God has given me the time to really focus on my family and self growth. My life has been a constant go go go and now I can actually “walk and stop to smell the flowers” instead of rushing by them.

I feel at peace and extremely hopeful that something good will come my way. I just need to remember to stay positive and productive!